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Change is Good

11 Oct

Anyone who know’s me, know’s that I change my hair more than Beyonce changes her wardrobe on tour.  That being said, I know a lot of women who LOVE change, but are just not certain of  WHAT to do.  Never fear, The Beauty Aficionado is here!!!!! Here are a few of my faves, some of which I have already rocked. What do you think???

My current style



Introducing: Lisalla Montenegro

28 Sep

Lisalla Montenegro, a 21 year old Brazilian model, is a soon to be household name as a result of being the newest addition to the Maybelline family. She will be joining the likes of Adriana Lima, Jessica White, and Christy Turlington  just to name a few.  She has also been seen in ” little” publications such as Vogue, and GQ.  Not too shabby.  I wonder how long it will take before she aquires some Angel wings????? We’ll soon find out! Check out this video of Lisalla shooting her 1st  Maybelline NYC commercial. The make up is sic,  done by heavy-hitter make-up artist Charlotte Willer.  Enjoy : )