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Shall I proceed……YES INDEED!

27 Sep

So awhile ago, I mentioned to my classmates that I was going to do some video girl makeup and no one knew what I was talking about. WHAT?? I was dumbfounded. I thought EVERYBODY knew what video girl makeup was. During my high school years every one would rush home to catch 106 and park (note: with A.J. and Free NOT Terrance and Roxy) and TRL. It was deemed the highest compliment if someone told you you looked like a video girl. I know what you all are thinking, but hey we were in high school, give us a break.  Anyways, our mission in life was to achieve that look. On Saturdays we would watch videos for hours and then spend hours in the mirror trying to emulate the makeup and hair (and perfecting our dance moves).   Now days the fascination with video girls has worn off but I still appreciate the beautifully artistic makeup in music videos. Here’s an example of then and now. Enjoy : )