La Dolce Vita

1 Sep

Beauty. It’s everywhere around us. It can be blatantly conspicuous, or so subtle one can barely detect it. It’s not exactly tangible, yet one can feel it.  Our society is so obsessed with physical beauty, that we don’t often take time  to enjoy what is truly beautiful: life. We spend so much time in the mirror staring at our “imperfections” that we don’t realize that we are perfectly human and humanity is beautiful.  Our imperfections, physical or otherwise give us character. They make us uniquely individual. Life is not always easy, but perservering through hardship, learning valuable life lessons along the way make the struggle beautiful. Our life is our own and should not be compared with another. Everyone’s path is different and cannot be duplicated. Life is wasted when it’s spent trying to be something it’s not.  It’s wasted when its spent trying not to make mistakes. Mistakes are beautiful. They show us that we are indeed living our life and not letting it idly pass us by.  Embrace life and I guarantee it will yield La Dolce Vita.

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